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Miraculously, Nobody Was Hurt by This Wildly Reckless Driver Caught on Video


"Even in that moment I did not understand what was happening."

It’s surprising and quite the miracle that nobody was reportedly injured by an extraordinarily reckless driver caught on tape in a Jerusalem suburb by a taxi driver who had installed a dashboard video camera.

It was this past Thursday that Israeli taxi driver Ra’anan Gormas was driving on a Jerusalem highway when he saw a vehicle in front of him racing recklessly, weaving out of his lane with no regard to other cars, slamming into a van in the lane to his right, then unexpectedly swerving left over the median as seen in the video Gormas's dashcam shot which was then posted on the Israeli website Mako.

Watch video of the incident below (Note: Clip begins after the advertisement):

It appears in the tape that the vehicle ended up in another part of the road over the median where traffic was traveling in the same direction. One can only imagine the possible destruction had vehicle landed in oncoming traffic. The driver’s joyride ended only when he crashed into a railing, Mako reports.

TheBlaze cannot independently confirm the veracity of the video.

“The vehicle was damaged and its tires were punctured. After I got out of my car, I discovered that miraculously nobody was injured in this accident,” Gormas told the Israeli site News in Real Time.

Gormas told Israel’s Online 2, “This was simply the definition of negligence. Since the incident, I have played the video countless times and say how lucky I am that I wasn’t driving 10 km/hour (6 mph) faster, because then I wouldn’t have realized his approach at all. Even in that moment I did not understand what was happening. Only in retrospect, when I watched the video did I realize what had occurred.”

(H/T: Mako)



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