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Bin Laden Has Won': The Run-In With Airport Security That Made Atheist Richard Dawkins So Angry He Couldn't Hold Back


"Do you idiots seriously think I give a damn about my stupid honey?"

Headliner Richard Dawkins, founder of The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, speaks during the National Atheist Organization's 'Reason Rally' on March 24, 2012 on the National Mall in Washington, DC. (Getty Images North America)

Atheist activist and famed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins raised some eyebrows and sparked both laughter and debate when he proclaimed over the weekend that "bin Laden has won" after airport security confiscated a jar of his honey.

On Sunday, a frustrated Dawkins tweeted, "Bin Laden has won, in airports of the world every day. I had a little jar of honey, now thrown away by rule-bound dundridges. STUPID waste."

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It is unclear where he was when the security incident unfolded, however an entry on his calendar notes that he planned to be in London over the weekend. Regardless, it didn't take long for his message to spread, sparking both quips and debate over the issue.

The "bin Laden has won" portion of the tweet obviously captured the most attention, especially considering that the confiscation that sparked Dawkins' frustrated response was a mere jar of honey.

While that's what certain critics chose to focus on, others were more concerned with the grander issue Dawkins was referencing -- airport security in a post-9/11 world.

Some certainly sympathized with the atheist leader, with one person responding, "You are quite right. After the awful violence and bloodshed, the winning tactic of the terrorist is to (instill) lasting fear."

Others, though, said that Dawkins should have simply followed the rules.

"You could have just read the rules properly and not kept it in your hand luggage," one woman wrote.

"No, you're just and old white man having a fit because how dare rules also apply to you!" added another.

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Then there were the more comical approaches delivered in response to Dawkins' rage.

"Terrorists only like honey in quantities less than 100ml," quipped another individual who was referencing airport limitations on liquids and semi-liquids. Others made jokes at Dawkins' expense and dismissed his anger over the honey confiscation.

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Dawkins, though, wasn't willing to back down so easily. He sent additional messages about the issue, noting that he is well aware of airport rules, but that "those rules are stupid advertising displays of dundridge zeal." He again proclaimed that "Bin Laden has won."

And he wasn't done there. When it was clear that he hadn't persuaded some people to embrace his frustration over the airport incident, Dawkins sent a more strongly worded message.

"Do you idiots seriously think I give a damn about my stupid honey? It's the PRINCIPLE I care about. Get it? Principle, not honey, principle," he continued.

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Dawkins is no stranger to Twitter controversy. Earlier this year, he caught fire for tweeting about abortion, writing that "any fetus is less human than an adult pig." He was also heavily criticized for a Twitter message in August that was widely perceived as being anti-Islam in nature. These are only two of the many examples.

(H/T: Daily Mail)



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