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The Absolutely Insane Hit-and-Run That the Driver Somehow Makes Worse and Worse as the Video Goes On


"That's how people get hurt."

A hit and run -- with a botched run -- escalated when a cab driver, whose car had been hit, got a bit of revenge.

Video taken of the scene from a balcony above Belmont Avenue in Chicago's Lake View neighborhood shows the incident already in progress.

The cab driver was outside his car, blocking the path of a black vehicle trying to zip away from the scene.

hit and run A cab driver tried to take matters in his own hands during a hit and attempted run. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

The cabbie shouted the license plate number to someone nearby. When the car continued to pressure him physically to get out of the way, he beat on the window with a black, stick-like object.

hit and run The cabbie hit the driver's side window as the SUV tried to drive away. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Right when you think the SUV is about to finally speed off, it hit yet another cab.

Spooked, the offending driver reversed down the street, with cars dodging out of the way, and hit yet more parked cars.

hit and run It was later revealed the SUV was stolen. In the process of trying to get away, the thief hit five cars.  (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Shifting to forward again, the black SUV physically pushed its way through traffic and finally squealed down the street.

But the driver didn't really get away.

According to the YouTube user who posted video of the incident, they didn't get too far.

"He actually totaled another car a (half) block west before Ashland and then totaled his car into a tree. He got caught!" the user going by K Moore wrote in a comment about the video titled "cab driver gets revenge."

Watch the poorly executed hit-and-run:

DNAinfo Chicago, a neighborhood news site, found out the incident occurred on October 30. Turns out the SUV was stolen. It's driver was arrested after hitting five cars and causing more than $3,000 worth of damage to just the one cab, City Service President Cometas Dilanjian told DNAinfo.

Dilanjian added that the cab driver is still working for the company but was reprimanded for the confrontation that took place.

"There's no reason why things like this should escalate," Dilanjian told DNAinfo. "That's how people get hurt."

(H/T: Reddit)



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