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Pizza -- That's the Simple Thing Sean Hannity Used to Unknowingly Teach Glenn Beck About 'Grace and Humility


"He's been everything that you would hope Sean Hannity would be."

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It centered around something very small, but Glenn Beck praised fellow Talk Radio host Sean Hannity on Friday for teaching him a lesson in "grace and humility."

Sean Hannity attends The Boortz Happy Ending at The Fox Theater on January 12, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. Credit: Getty Images for WSB Radio

Speaking on his radio program, Beck noted that the radio industry is notoriously competitive and there tend to be "walls" between some of the personalities.

"(This summer) I wrote a few people in Talk Radio and said, 'For anything I have done, I'm sorry,'" Beck explained. "'But we are in a different country in a different time, and ... we have got to stand together. And so I have offered up everything I have in the service of like-minded people.'"

Beck said that Hannity by no means needed his help, but was about to begin building new studios, and so he offered Hannity his own until the construction was complete.

"(Hannity) has my corner office in New York; I gave up my office for him for three months in New York because I'm not using it," Beck said. "And he has come into our offices, and we tried to make him feel at home. And he has been so gracious to everyone on our staff, and he has been -- he's been everything that you would hope Sean Hannity would be."

But Beck said Hannity has gone far beyond just being kind. He recently received a note that Hannity was bringing in pizza for Beck's entire staff in New York, which he estimated to be over 200 people.

"He's bringing pizza in for the whole staff just to thank them, and just to give them lunch today," Beck said. "Completely unnecessary... He didn't think that I would talk about it; he's not doing it for that."

"I just wanted to tell you the message I got (was) grace and humility, and Sean Hannity is demonstrating that today," Beck concluded. "A lesson he didn't need to learn apparently as much as I did."

Watch the entire segment, below:

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