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Horror: Mom Tortured In Front of 2-Year-Old Daughter & Family During Home Invasion


"They were literally torturing her with a hot knife while she was tied up..."

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. (Image source: )

A 28-year-old mother was tortured in front of her family — including her two-year-old daughter and four-year-old nephew — during a Friday night home invasion in Philadelphia, police say.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. (Image source: KYW-TV)

Two men broke into the house and attacked the unidentified 28-year-old woman, her two-year old daughter and four-year-old nephew, her 54-year-old mother and an electrician who was working at the home, according to KYW-TV.

The individuals then subdued the family and electrician.

“These two individuals tied up all the three adults. They tied up their wrists and their ankles,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told KYW-TV at a press conference.

Demands for money from the mother were not complied with, so the criminals turned to violence, torturing the woman for the entire family to see.

“And then four separate times burnt the 28-year-old female, burnt her face, both of her arms and her stomach,” Small said.

"They were literally torturing her with a hot knife while she was tied up, demanding money," he added to WCAU-TV.

When she still refused, the pair of criminals threatened to kill her daughter.

“Then picked up the 28-year-old’s two-year-old daughter and threatened to kill the daughter if she didn’t say where the money was,” Small said.

The woman, as well as her mother and the electrician, finally gave in to the demands for money and the duo escaped with about $4,000.

Police have yet to identify the suspects, but hope fingerprints that were recovered will lead to their eventual capture.


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