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Kakistocracy': The word Glenn Beck can't pronounce, but wants you to know.


During Wednesday morning's Glenn Beck radio show, the host (and just about everyone in the studio) was having a difficult time pronouncing a word being used to describe President Obama's administration. That word is "kakistocracy."

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Why was Beck referring to the current administration as a kakistocracy? He cited a few facts:

  • More people leaving the workforce. Over 3.1 million, just this year. That's more people living in Chicago and New Orleans COMBINED!
  • Benghazi and all of the lies being told about the attack that killed four Americans -- not one person involved in the attack has been apprehended.
  • The IRS targeting of conservative groups, tea party groups and members of the 912 Project.
  • The administration had three years to build a website that has failed in so many ways, it is astounding.
  • And of course there is the oft-repeated lie, "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period."
  • Fast & Furious running guns to Mexico and into the hands of the drug cartels.
  • Devaluing our dollar while spending us into debt that will likely cause pain for generations to come.
  • More Americans on food stamps than ever before.
  • And then there is our reputation or standing in the world. Obama promised, if elected, he would fix our reputation. And in 2009, he actually claimed that he had done so.

In terms of restoring America's standing in the world, you can point to last week's meetings concerning Iran's nuclear enrichment program where France reportedly stood with Israel in stopping a deal that the French called a "sucker's deal."

Earlier this year, when Syria would not relinquish its chemical weapons, Russia took the lead as President Obama repeatedly shied away from any "red line" he drew when dealing Syria's President Bashar al-Asssad.

While the word kakistocracy may be difficult pronounce, it appears to be a bulls-eye when it comes to labeling the Obama administration.

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