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Video: Teen immigration advocates ruin John Boehner's breakfast

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Via Mediaite:

Two teenage activists from the Fair Immigration Reform Movement confronted House SpeakerJohn Boehner (R-OH) at popular D.C.-spot Pete’s Diner on Wednesday morning and pressed him to bring the Senate’s immigration reform bill to a vote.

Jennifer Martinez, 16, and Carmen Lima, 13, found Boehner, clad in a ball cap and jeans, waiting for his breakfast at the diner, and cordially asked if they could speak with him while he waited.

The young activists tried to appeal to John Boehner as a father, not as Speaker of the House.

“You’re a father right?” one of them asked. “So how would you feel if you had to tell your kids at the age of ten that you were never coming home?”

Stating the obvious, Boehner flatly responded: “That wouldn’t be good."


The message of these activists is clear, albeit annoying: If you don't agree with us, you're a cold-hearted human being and catching your heartlessness on tape helps us to publicly shame you in hopes that you'll change your mind.

The girls plead with Boehner that that illegal immigrant parents will have to miss their kids' soccer games if we enforced our existing immigration laws.  While this is a truly sad reality and can be a serious hardship for families, it's hardly unheard of.  I don't imagine these girls would also argue that prison inmates should be shuttled to their children's sporting events or that sex offenders should be allowed near schools or playgrounds.  But from a legal standpoint, these scenarios are all the same: laws have been broken and there are consequences.

The whole crux of these girls' argument is that illegal immigrants haven't broken any rules when, in fact, they have.  How can we ever hope to arrive at a true solution in immigration reform if one side is relying on a false premise?

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