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Stop Saying That!': Megyn Kelly Absolutely Explodes on Evasive Obamacare 'Architect


"That's spin."

(Fox News)

Megyn Kelly geared up for round two against Obamacare "architect" Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on Wednesday as the two again battled over the terrible rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

The exchange quickly got contentious after Kelly brought up estimates of the number of Americans who have lost their health insurance plans due to Obamacare regulations.

"Let's have a question and answer. The interview works better that way," Kelly began. "Five million people have already been canceled. So I'm not talking about the seven million who you guys--"

"That's not a reliable number," Emanuel immediately interrupted.

(Fox News)

When Kelly tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and theoretically reduced the number to three million, Emanuel again disputed the number and said the estimates aren't "reliable."

"Only on Fox is it five million," Emanuel snarked.

"OK, fine. So let's go with three million. You can deny the problem all you want, sir, but the data is out there," Kelly shot back.

The TV host went on to point out that the Obama administration needs about 156,000 people to sign up every day just to break even in regards to the people who are losing their insurance plans. And "that's not even talking about the seven million you needed from the get-go to make Obamacare work," Kelly added.

(Fox News)

Emanuel again told Kelly that she had the "numbers wrong."

"Seven million includes the people who were expected from the individual market to come on as well. So it's not just -- seven million and the number from the individual market. That's the first point," he said. "The second point is you have to remember in the individual market before Obamacare the insurance companies were canceling people all the time."

When pressed on whether it was "foreseen" that the individual market would "essentially collapse" in order to make Obamacare work, Emanuel said "insurance companies always cancel policies."

"That's spin," Kelly said, calling him out for dodging the question. "You know as well as I do that the mass cancellations we have seen are hurting a lot of Americans. They are very upset and their relationship with their doctor has been severed as a result --"

As Kelly got more animated, Emanuel at one point asked her to "stop yelling at me."

He argued that health plans get cancelled all the time, insinuating that Obamacare isn't fully to blame for the millions of Americans who are losing their plans.

"So the two things are totally disconnected?" Kelly pressed.

"You keep interrupting me. Isn't there any manners here," Emanuel said condescendingly.

Eventually Kelly was able to get Emanuel to essentially admit that he foresaw people losing their health insurance plans, though he placed the blame on insurance companies. He said that "when you change the market, things change," later adding that he "saw [Americans] going to the exchanges because it's better for everyone, including them."

Kelly briefly lost her cool when Emanuel claimed that it was "irrelevant" whether or not they predicted that "insurance companies" would drop people from their plans.

"Stop saying that!" she shouted. "Because I'll tell you what's relevant to me my viewers… so can't you just assume with me that I'm right and give us an answer?"

Watch the rest of the fiery segment, including his "answer," via Fox News below:

[fnvideo content_id=2836736930001]


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