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It's Kind of Scary': Tree Trimmers Surprise Family With What They Found Among the Branches


"...we originally thought the worst."

This camera was found in the Ennis' yard. (Image source: WTNH-TV)

A Preston, Conn., family was disturbed when they discovered a camera outside their home. Why? Because it wasn't theirs -- and they have no idea whose it is.

The Ennis family was having trees trimmed when workers approached them with a camera they found among fallen branches.

hidden camera This camera was found in the Ennis' yard. (Image source: WTNH-TV)

"They gave it to my dad and said, 'here we found this on the ground,'" Chelsea Ennis told WTNH-TV of the discovery. "'This must be yours to see the animals in the woods I guess,' and dad said that's not ours."

"It's kind of scary because this obviously wasn't around when we moved in. So we originally thought the worst," Ennis continued.

Not knowing whether the camera was on of their trees or how else it could have gotten onto their property, Ennis and her father removed the camera's SD card.

When inserted into their computer, they found 77 photos inside.

The photos revealed aerial and dashboard shots. One showed a farm, and another a man near a pool.

hidden camera This is one of the images recovered from the camera. (Image source: WTNH-TV)

Watch WTNH-TV's report for more images:

It is unclear if the camera was mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle -- there have been a couple incidents where such devices went down -- or part of another system.

Ennis pointed out that it seems to have a string attached to it, suggesting it could have been on a balloon or some other flying device.

The timestamp on the images date back to 2012. Ennis told WTNH they hope to find the owner.

"We'd love to give it back to them and find out what they were doing with it now that we know it wasn't for harmful purposes," she said.



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