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Thugs Learn the Hard Way What Happens 'When You Bring a Toy Gun to a Real Gun Fight


"Well, that’s what you get when you bring a toy gun to a real gun fight."

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Three men suspected of using a pellet gun to rob a pizza delivery driver in western Pennsylvania Tuesday got a shock when they discovered the driver was packing a bigger gun, Police said.

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The driver, Hal Perry, said he was called out to what sounded like a “legitimate” address. When he arrived, three men approached him. One quickly stepped in back of Perry and that’s when he knew something wasn’t right.

The men demanded his money.

“I went to an address that looked legitimate to me. I got out of the vehicle, and three of them came around the corner. One of them walked behind me and I knew something was wrong. Then one grabbed the wings, one went over to the van and one tried going through my pockets,” Perry told

The men searched the driver’s pants and his car. When they tired of that, they grabbed the order of chicken wings – and then Perry pulled his gun.

“I didn’t know if (the one searching me) had a knife so I took a couple steps back, bent over and drew my weapon. As soon as they saw that, they took off running. As they left they threw something. It turned out to be a pellet gun,” Perry said.

Police soon arrived on the scene and the driver offered them detailed descriptions of the suspects.

Tyler Hall, 18, and Dorian Ellis, 18, were arrested after police found them sitting on a street corner eating the chicken wings. The third suspect, who took off on foot, was later found in Ohio.

“I didn’t have to shoot. But if he had brandished the weapon, I would have had no problem shooting. That’s why I carry a weapon,” Perry said. “I think they were very surprised when I pulled the pistol.”

Perry said he works as a delivery driver as a second job to help support his family.

“I’ve never had to pull my weapon before. I’ve been doing this for six years part-time. I have a full-time job during the day. I work three or four nights a week at night just to support my family,” he said.

Police charged Hall and Ellis with robbery, criminal conspiracy, terroristic threats and loitering/prowling at night, WPXI reported.

Both Hall and Ellis were sent to a local correctional facility, each in lieu of $25,000 bond.

“Well, that’s what you get when you bring a toy gun to a real gun fight. Why do a stupid thing like that? Why lose your life over $10 wings or $100,” Perry said.


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