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A Sham': Krauthammer Did Not Mince His Words While Discussing Obama's Health Plans 'Fix' Friday Night


"It was only intended to shift the blame."

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Conservative political pundit Charles Krauthammer assailed President Barack Obama's health insurance "fix" as a "sham" to fool the American people on Friday evening.

“He pretended to want to restore the plans to people who lost them,” Krauthammer said during an appearance on Fox News. “Because it is a sham."

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"It was only intended to shift the blame," he continued. "His intent is for these plans not to be renewed. He knows how impossible it will be.”

On Thursday Obama announced a supposed fix aimed at allowing people losing their health plans as a result of his signature health law to keep their current insurance.

Krauthammer, however, implied the president's remedy only preempted a House vote on Rep. Fred Upton's (R-Mich.) bill to extend canceled insurance policies so Democrats in Congress would have cover not to vote for it.

“That would’ve been a rebellion against him and he would lose, as a second term president, complete control of the party and been a lame-duck less than a year into the second term,” Krauthammer said.

Upton's "Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013" passed the House Friday 261 to 157, with 39 Democrats crossing over party lines to vote for the legislation.

Watch Krauthammer's comments:

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