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Charles Krauthammer diagnoses Rob Ford


Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer put on his shrink hat Monday night and laid out his diagnoses of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who appears to be disintegrating right before the public's eye following his admission that he has smoked crack.

"As a psychiatrist, here's what's happening and it's really rather sad," Krauthammer said on Fox News. "There are a lot of people who unravel under stress, who are unstable and really lose it. Generally speaking, it happens in a hospital, in private, under care and nobody sees. Unfortunately, every once in a while it happens to somebody in the public eye who doesn't have the insight into his own condition to understand he has to get off the stage, into treatment and get help and he becomes a buffoon and the object of derision."

Ford has participated in a series of often bizarre interviews since his drug revelation. And on Monday he was seen slamming into a councilwoman during deliberations that would strip him of power as mayor.

Krauthammer concluded that the Rob Ford spectacle "is a collapse of a person and even though it can be funny, it really is a tragedy."

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