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Flashback: Obama's filibuster flip-flop


Today, the United States Senate voted to allow presidential nominees pass scrutiny with a simple majority vote. Shortly after the vote, President Obama weighed in with praise for the Democrat motion: "The vote today I think is an indication that a majority of senators believe as I believe that enough is enough. The American’s people’s business is far too important to keep falling prey day after day to partisan politics," he said.

Obama went on to condemn the filibuster on appointments as a tool of gridlock. The filibuster is "no longer used in a responsible way to govern. It’s rather used as a reckless and relentless tool to grind all business to a halt. That’s not what our founders intended,” he added.

But just a few years ago, the president now condemning the filibuster as a tool of gridlock warned as a senator that removing the procedural measure would actually result in more gridlock.

“I sense that talk of the nuclear option is more about power than about fairness,” Obama said in April, 2005 during a speech from the Senate floor. “I believe some of my colleagues propose this rules change because they can get away with it rather than because they know it’s good for our democracy.”


Needless to say, calling today's move hypocritical is a serious understatement.

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