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Surveillance Video Shows Horrifying Moment an Innocent Bystander Is Shot in the Face at Point Blank Range (GRAPHIC)


Racially motivated?

Editor's note: This article contains images of graphic violence. Be advised.


Russian authorities released shocking footage this week of two men shooting an innocent traveler in the stomach and face at point blank range.

Authorities believe the attack, which took place on the Moscow metro, was racially motivated, Life News reported. The attack was captured by a surveillance camera.

Khashim Latipov, 30, was shot in the face and stomach by two gunmen on Nov. 17 (image source: screen grab)

The gunmen can be seen in the video conferring with each other shortly after Khashim Latipov, 30, boards the train.

One of the men shot Latipov in the stomach before following up with a bullet directly to the victim's face.

Weapons drawn, the two men waited for their train to reach its destination and then fled the scene of the attack:

Latipov, who hails from Dagestan, from the Caucasus region of southern Russia, survived the Nov. 17 incident but was seriously injured.

“The IDs of the shooters are not known yet, we are searching for them,” a law enforcement official told Life News. “The victim was taken to the hospital, with one bullet in his jaw and serious damage to his face.”

image source: screen grab.

Latipov has already undergone surgery, but more is required if he is expected to make a full recovery.

Police released the security footage in hopes someone can help them ID Latipov’s assailants.

Image source: screen grab.

“The incident comes as Russia is under scrutiny over alleged racist incidents, with a number of recent attacks, and taunts of foreign players at football matches,” the Daily Mail notes. “The attack comes less than three months before thousands of Winter Olympics fans will travel to Russia for the Sochi games.”


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