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Any Person Who Has a Fear of Driving Should Not Watch the Following Video


"New Russian traffic lights stopping system."

Image source: YouTube

It turns out there's more to worry about than just pot holes rocking your car. Lurking beneath the road could be pipes waiting to burst and crack the road open like an earthquake.

Such a scene was captured on a dashboard camera in a car. It has been speculated the footage was taken in Russia where many have dashcams for insurance purposes.

road explosion A rift in the road forms after, perhaps, a pipe burst. (Image source: YouTube)

The video time stamped Nov. 21, shows traffic cruising along in the dusky part of evening when all the sudden the road splits and shifts upward. One SUV just makes it past the rift, but another couldn't stop in time and ended up right on top of the rumbling, open ground.

Image source: YouTube

road explosion Image source: YouTube

Everyone in the SUV appeared to be fine afterward, although perhaps shaken -- literally and figuratively.

Watch the footage:

The description in the YouTube video speculated that a pipe burst.

Some in the comments joked that it's a "new Russian traffic lights stopping system."

As always, we can't verify the video, so there's always the chance it's a marketing trick for the next viral hit or Hollywood blockbuster.

(H/T: Jalopnik)



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