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Puppy Rescued After Being Trapped in Storm Drain for Nine Days


“He was in a bad situation. We needed to get him out.”

Image source: KXAS-TV

One canine was more than ready for a feast this Thanksgiving week, after being trapped in a storm drain for nine days.

Image source: KXAS-TV

Texas schoolteacher Lynda Roth reported hearing the puppy barking from the drain behind a portable classroom at Gabe P. Allen Elementary in Dallas.

"The citizens have really tried around here to get a hold of it, the kids are upset at school. So bottom line is, we've got a puppy stuck in the drain since last Saturday," Roth told KXAS-TV.

Image source: KXAS-TV

Image source: KXAS-TV

Image source: KXAS-TV

Dallas animal control officers and even the city's fire department had searched for the puppy, a lab mix, but were unable to reach him.

“My hope is to get this rascal out. It shows how brave it is,” Roth told KTVT-TV. “It’s been under there since the 16th in this horrible weather.”

The puppy's lab mother had been seen pacing near the drain where the puppy was trapped, KXAS reported.

Animal control returned to the scene and put a camera down the storm drain to find the puppy. Using food, they caught the puppy in a trap and finally pulled him up to safety on Monday.

Rescuers said he was cold, wet and hungry, but otherwise OK.

“We were pretty adamant about this one. He was in a bad situation,” said Paul Ellis from Dallas Animal Services. “We needed to get him out.”

The puppy was taken to the city shelter with plans to put him up for adoption.


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