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The one book President Obama bought this holiday season that you should too


Over the weekend, as reported by TheBlaze, Barack Obama took some time to commemorate “Small Business Saturday” by going book shopping at a popular local Washington D.C. book retailer called Politics and Prose.

Conveniently missing from his book purchase list were any titles focused on: American exceptionalism, American history, the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, the military, free-market economics, Western Civilization, etc., etc.

Also missing: Glenn Beck’s New York Times bestselling book Miracles and Massacres, Ira Stoll’s JFK, Conservative, and Daniel Hannan’s Inventing Freedom.

But while it may not be surprising that President Obama is not a Blaze Books reader, he did obtain one title that is shocking -- a book actually recommended by the late Vince Flynn.

The book?

Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews.

Red Sparrow is a John Le Carré style intelligence thriller, written by a 33 year CIA field operative, pitting a young and ambitious CIA officer, Nate Nash against a Russian ballerina turned intelligence officer Dominika Egorova. The book reflects the ongoing struggle between the U.S. and Russia, via their heavily compromised and highly deceptive intelligence apparatuses, in an action-packed, dramatic and spellbinding story.

Readers are giving the book high marks judging by the glowing reviews and high ratings (4.3/5 on Amazon, 390 reviews; 3.97/5, 950 ratings on Goodreads) the title is garnering.

For us the comment that clinches the book comes from Doug Stanton, teacher, lecturer and best-selling author, who in his review states: “Halfway through, I was afraid Vladimir Putin would find out I was reading Red Sparrow and have me arrested.”

Our only question is, will this book inspire President Obama to walk back his “flexibility” comment? We think not.

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