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Politico's in-house psychologist strikes again!

Photo: Forbes

Dr. Steven Berglas is back with another mind-blowing analysis on the psyche of a high-profile lawmaker. This time, it's House Speaker John Boehner. Writing for Politico Magazine, Berglas gets to the bottom of why Boehner cries so much.

Photo: Forbes

But first: Everyone knows Boehner cries. A lot. Just Sunday he let out some sobs on "60 Minutes," reflecting on his humble beginnings to now being House Speaker. He received a consolatory back pat from CBS's Scott Pelley.

And most people accept that the waterworks are likely just the characteristic of an emotional man, one who cries rather than cheers during happy moments.

Not Berglas. "I believe it comes down to a problem of self-esteem," he writes. "Boehner does not feel pride and self-worth."

As a reminder, Berglas is not the face of free online dating site for middle-aged singles. He's the psychologist retained specifically by Politico Magazine to analyze D.C. types. His debut column was a take on President Obama and his evident "contempt" for Michelle Obama. Berglas came to this conclusion because Obama has in the past made jokes (usually self-deprecating) that invoke Michelle.

Here's more on what Berglas has to say about Boehner's crying...

Emotional incongruities tend to be upsetting to observers—and Boehner’s tears are no exception; they often provoke intensely hostile feelings. But it’s not just that Boehner sobs when others are celebrating. It’s something deeper: Boehner cries for Boehner. ...

A psychologically healthy adult must learn to deal with distressing situations professionally: If and when crying is inappropriate, you don’t cry. So what’s his problem? Why can’t Boehner shut off the waterworks, especially when the subject is his own childhood and his rise to power? ...

The reason is simple: Boehner brings few authentic political skills to the role of speaker...

Berglas's conclusion: "I bet Boehner was happier working in his father’s bar back in Ohio, where pretensions were minimal and his self-esteem soared, than he is today."



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