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Tips for Jesus': Massive Mysterious Tips Are Being Left at Pubs Across the Country in God's Name


"Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time."


In today's day and age, generosity isn't always heralded or highlighted, but some inspirational stories of late show that goodness and kindness are still alive and well.

Take, for instance, the "TipsForJesus" movement, an anonymous individual -- or a group of individuals -- who continuously leave massive tips at pubs, restaurants and other establishments.

Credit: TipsForJesus on Instagram

An Instagram account with the username "TipsForJesus" is continuously documenting these escapades, including images of receipts from each good deed and some of the elated faces of individuals receiving these gifts.

While those behind the tip giving effort remain a mystery, a mission statement is present on the aforementioned Instagram account: "Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time."

Credit: TipsForJesus on Instagram

Gawker explained that this individual or group has been able to fly under the radar so far over the past few months, leaving tips that range from $500 to $10,000. Adding up receipts, the outlet reported that more than $54,000 has been doled out so far.

On the signature line of many receipts, the words "Tip For Jesus" are often written or are stamped somewhere on the receipt. Numerous outlets, including Eater, noted that the individual or individuals behind the project might be college football fans, as the tips tend to line up with some recent college games.

Credit: TipsForJesus on Instagram

Those behind the TipsForJesus movement have appeared, as the Associated Press reported, in Utah, Chicago, San Francisco and Hollywood.

On Oct. 19, a group of three men who said they were from California, went to Legends, a pub in Notre Dame, Ind., and left a $5,000 tip. They were purportedly in town for the game between Notre Dame and the University of Southern California.

After the game, the men returned and, after a few more drinks, left another $5,000 tip.

The lump sums were reportedly flagged as possible fraud and are being investigated by the bank, though, and the bartenders have reportedly not yet received the money left for them.

The individuals behind TipsForJesus posted what seems to be a credit card statement proving that the bill was indeed paid and that the two $5,000 tips are legitimate.

Credit: TipsForJesus on Instagram

In a separate incident, bartenders at Alleged, a pub in Ogden, Utah, received a $1,000 tip from a man described as young and stylish; he, too, came in with some friends.

Again, it remains unclear who's behind TipsForJesus or whether the movement will continue. Regardless, the generosity has captured attention from mainstream media and the general public alike.

(H/T: NPR)



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