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GOP congressman favors use of 'tactical nuclear weapons' on an uncooperative Iran


Via Defense News:

A hawkish US House Republican says the United States should use tactical nuclear weapons to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities if war with the Islamic republic becomes necessary.

House Armed Services Committee member Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., threw down that bold gauntlet Wednesday morning during a C-SPAN interview in which he also suggested Middle East “culture” fosters dishonest negotiators.

Asked if war with Iran is inevitable, Hunter replied: “I sure as Hell hope not.”

But if push came to shove and US officials deemed strikes necessary, Hunter turned hawkish.

He said any American strike would be a “massive aerial bombing campaign,” adding that such a mission should not feature any “boots on ground.” Then, Hunter said the US should use its “tactical nuclear weapons” on Iranian targets.

I'm not sure that threatening to use nuclear weapons is the most effective way to dissuade Iran from trying to develop their own... just sayin'.

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