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How to Jump-Start a Car Without Cables…But With an AK-47


"MacGyver would be proud."

A trio of camouflaged soldiers who found their car battery dead might not have had jumper cables -- or maybe they were just trying to show off -- but they did have a couple of AK-47s.

Using the metal on their firearms, they bridged the two batteries to transfer the charge.

ak-47 jumpstart Image source: LiveLeak

A LiveLeak video identifies them as being in Iraq but we don't know the location for sure.

"The two soldiers aren't in any danger from the guns, since there are no bullets, but holding a metal object while electricity is passing through it isn't exactly safe," Mihnea Radu with Auto Evolution wrote.

Check out the footage:

Some have questioned the validity of the video.

"I did not even hear the car crank over, although a lot of revving but engine was running before hand," a LiveLeak commenter going by the name ILOVEBACON8 wrote. "The amperage draw from a starter motor cranking a car engine is around 200, that is enough to give a nice fireworks show and make big sparks at the weak connections, not only that the heat would burn their hands. I saw no sparks and did not even hear the car crank, just a lot of revving and stupidity going on."

Another commenter on Gizmodo's post about the video wrote that the "amperage cars use is generally pretty safe to handle."

"All in all I wouldn't say they're idiots at all," user RogueTorino wrote. "They got the car started. MacGyver would be proud."



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