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Nasty Lipstick Mirror Messages and Trail of Condoms Just Appetizers in Wife's Revenge Over Alleged Affair


“Most people’s reaction would be a lot bigger than that one. I thought the other woman got off easy.”

(Image source: KHOU-TV)

The woman was not in a good mood.

First she allegedly got into her car and called the object of her wrath — another woman — and left a voice mail saying she was going to "beat" her "f**king a** whore" and then threatened to "dislocate her vagina," documents state.

Then she got to this woman's house and entered with a bit of pinache — she kicked in a doggy door.

So, do you suppose Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher — a hospital medical director, professor at Baylor College of Medicine, and the alleged culprit — was done?

Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher (Image source: KHOU-TV)

Not even close. The operation was just getting started.

Once inside she allegedly used lipstick to write "wh**e" and "homewrecker" on a mirror.

Siler-Fisher's apparent coup de grace was leaving a trail of unused condoms up the woman’s staircase, law enforcement sources told KHOU-TV in Houston. as well as texting a photo of the bedroom to the female homeowner.

Documents allege Siler-Fisher texted this woman 25 times over the next 16 hours.

What spurred Siler-Fisher's alleged wrath? Prosecutors told KHOU that she was motivated by an apparent love triangle involving her husband Brandon Fisher (who's also a doctor) and this other woman (reportedly Marcelle Mallery, who is a doctor as well).

Image source: KHOU-TV

Documents note that a surveillance camera recorded Siler-Fisher entering and exiting the residence, and she was arrested on charges of criminal trespass and harassment and posted bond, KHOU noted.

Before Siler-Fisher kicked in the doggie door in the upscale neighborhood, prosecutors say Brandon Fisher called the Mallery to let her know that his wife was headed to her house — luckily she reportedly left with her kids before Siler-Fisher arrived.

Siler-Fisher lives less than three miles from where she allegedly committed the crime, KHOU added.

"It’s totally out of character,” said Siler-Fisher’s neighbor Chris Pancheri, who calls her a friend and believes she probably had valid reasons to act out in this way..

“Most people’s reaction would be a lot bigger than that one,” said Pancheri. “I thought the other woman got off easy.”

“She’s probably the most sane person in this neighborhood that I know. She’s an extraordinary doctor from what I know, great wife and mother,” explained Pancheri. “She’s a great woman.”

Baylor College of Medicine released a brief statement: “We understand that this is a private matter for Dr. Fisher and does not impact her work at Baylor College of Medicine.”

Siler-Fisher could not be reached for comment Wednesday night, KHOU said.

Here's a report from KHOU:



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