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10-Year-Old Savagely Beats Toddler, Possibly Threw Him From 25th Floor -- And Didn't Get Punished


“If we let go of her for the sake of humanity, she will turn into a female Jack the Ripper..."

Image source: CTV

Recent reports and CCTV footage from China show a disturbing event and a distraught mother. A 10-year-old appeared to take a toddler and beat him and is suspected of throwing him from the 25th floor of an apartment building. The girl has reportedly gotten away without punishment for her actions thus far, causing outrage in the Chinese blogosphere.

The incident occurred in Chongqing, a city in southwest China, on Nov. 25, according to Shanghaiist. Video, which was just released in local media reports this week, shows a boy, identified by the name Yuanyuan, under 2 years old accidentally left in the building elevator by his mother. According to the CTV news report, she had pulled out his toy bike but the elevator doors closed before she could reach him.

toddler beaten The toddler who was beaten and reportedly thrown from a balcony. (Image source: CTV)

The mother in the CTV news report was visibly distressed, crying as she recounted what happened and holding her hand over her heart at times.

mother of toddler The mother of the toddler was beyond upset when speaking to media about what happened. (Image source: CTV)

Surveillance footage showed a 10-year-old girl finding him. The girl picked him up and then proceeded to drop him and kick him several times.

toddler beaten Image source: CTV

toddler beaten Image source: CTV

When the door opened, the girl threw the boy into the hallway.

Watch the footage in CTV's report (Content warning: disturbing images):

It is unclear what happened next, but the CTV report includes footage showing blood spots on the floor inside and outside the apartment building. Shanghaiist reported that broken bushes outside a balcony where the girl was said to live suggest the toddler was thrown.

toddler beaten Blood spatter was seen on the floor as a result of the attack. (Image source: CTV)

It is unknown if the girl actually threw him from the window. While Shanghaiist reported the boy died from injuries in the hospital, the New York Times reported doctors said he needs surgery but is currently too weak to operate.

According to the Times, the suspected girl involved and her mother left the city, prompting those in the Chinese blogosphere to question why she, despite her young age, did not receive any punishment:

Here are two representative tweets from more than 360,000 on the Sina Weibo microblog service:

“As a mother, I strongly suggest the girl devil and her family be severely punished,” wrote a person with the handle DiFuMom. “Otherwise, the public’s anger cannot be appeased. Death or 20 years in prison. Or let the public deal with her. Why does the law protect her? Is she a human being? She is an animal!”

“If we let go of her for the sake of humanity, she will turn into a female Jack the Ripper in ten years,” wrote another blogger. “Her age is a shield for her but a time bomb for society. We should disarm it by sentencing her to life imprisonment, or death.”

Local police said the girl could not be punished criminally due to her age, according to the Times. It noted a lawyer telling China National Radio that a suspect needs to be at least 14 in China to face criminal justice.

The family of the girl, however, did reportedly pay about $9,500 to the boy's family for damages.

(H/T: Life News, Daily Mail)



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