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Pure Hate': Blaze Readers React to Martin Bashir Resigning From MSNBC


"This is a healthy sign of at least somewhat of a change in public attitude! Could the majority of Americans be waking up finally?"

Former MSNBC host Martin Bashir (Getty Images)

Former MSNBC host Martin Bashir (Getty Images) 

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about MSNBC host Martin Bashir resigning from the network over the far-and-wide uproar he caused by vile comments he made about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, including that someone should defecate in her mouth.

Bashir issued an apology to Palin after his comments, then to his viewers and the network when he later announced his resignation.

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about Bashir's resignation:


He resigned with a classy statement.

His prior comments were ghastly, and hopefully his apologies were sincere. That is between him and God of course. Just pointing out he showed discipline after.


This is a healthy sign of at least somewhat of a change in public attitude! Could the majority of Americans be waking up finally?


Al Gorezeera is hiring… LMAO !!!


This was probably the most reasonable (honorable) thing he could have done.


I wonder if it were Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly making similar comments about say Nancy Pelosi or Hilary Clinton if Blazers would be just as shocked and outraged or if they’d applaud them as “good ol’ boys tellin’ it like it is!” People on this site have said things 10x more vile about Obama in the comments, but suddenly climb to a moral high ground when the "other team" does it. This is the political equivalent of teenybopper gossip magazines. Enough of the "he said, she said" nonsense; there are a million other more pressing issues in the world right now.


My apologies for my ignorance in the fact that before this story broke I had no idea who this guy is. So the fact he is now gone equates to……well nothing important because he was nothing important to begin with. I have never watched MSNBC, and most likely never will in the future.

I would suggest we move on to agenda items that are important.


Obviously someone at MSNBC was deeply offended by this guy’s remarks. I am quite sure it had nothing to do with Palin. Either he went ahead with the rant after being told to tone it down or there were some other toes stepped on. There is no one at MSNBC that gives a rat’s behind about how Sarah Palin feels about anything.

I’m sure we will see Bashir showing up on some other leftist media program in the coming months.


I’ve heard him apologize for his remarks and to his audience, colleagues, and the network. Has he once ever apologized to Palin by name?


I suggest he “work hard” at trying to abolish the hate in his heart. You don’t say things like that out of anger or frustration – you can do that out of pure hate. Martin, spend some time outside of your bubble, discover what ails you and fix it. Come back when you are a kinder, more thoughtful person who can contribute not destroy. Good luck.


Now can MSNBC call a person who uses such foul and degrading comments a “good man”? A “good man” would never have even THOUGHT to say such statements, let alone broadcast them to millions!


Although I am glad he resigned, MSNBC president Phil Griffin should have apologized on this…on a national level. I like it when they show who they are, even if it is pathetic. I was taught not to take anything on TV as reality, and most NEWS people LIE and spin. It would be great if people taught their children not to trust everything heard on the news because most of it is spin. I was taught always look for the truth yourself…



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