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Look what we got in our mail...

via PrankPack.com

Sometimes reporters receive samples in the mail of various products in the hopes that said products will get a positive review in the recipient's publication.

On Monday, this showed up in TheBlaze Blog's mailbox:

via PrankPack.com

No, bacon-scented dryer sheets aren't a real thing.

This is a product from Prank Pack, a company created by writers of The Onion, a satirical news publication.

Prank Pack sells gift boxes that feature fake stuff, like the "NapSack," a hood that one uses to cover his head in order to take naps in public places (like work meetings)...

via PrankPack.com

One of the fake ads that comes with the "NapSack" box shows a satirical photo of House Speaker John Boehner attending a State of the Union Address by President Obama:

via PrankPack.com

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