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Tenured New Jersey teacher fired for 'grotesque and sexual' behavior


The teacher in question also reportedly made "unwanted advances" at a fellow teacher. All it took to get rid of him was common sense a court order:

Officials suspended James Lang without pay from his tenured job as an English teacher at Fords Middle School in Woodbridge -- a short distance from Staten Island -- 20 months ago.

The principal testified some students were afraid to go to Lang's class.

The judge found Lang violated all standards of decency with his "grotesque and sexual" behavior.

Among the district's allegations against Lang were incidents including calling a student a "dirty ho," telling a student who bent over that he would "tap that" and asking students if they would be afraid if his "snake were in their bed," according to the Home News Tribune.

Lang insists the charges are false and plans to appeal the judge's ruling.

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