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15 Seconds Into This Video, Something Tragic Happens...18 Seconds Later Something Wonderful Follows

Image source: YouTube

A herd of goats on a mountain in France saw an oncoming avalanche. What to do?

The majority of the herd made a run for it, but four goats remained frozen in fear and indecision.

chamois avalanche A herd of chamois, a type of goat-antelope species, was in the middle of an avalanche. Those little black spots in the center are the goats. (Image source: YouTube)

The plight of the chamois herd in Champagny la Vanoise, a commune in the Rhone Alpes region of France known for skiing, was filmed and narrated in French by spectators.

There was a tense moment when several chamois, a goat-antelope species, took off, trying to beat the avalanche, followed by relief when they managed to get out of the way. But several goats that didn't move were covered with snow.

chamois avalanche The goats within the circle are about to be buried under the snow as the others in the herd ran away. (Image source: YouTube)

chamois avalanche The goats that ran actually made it to safety. (Image source: YouTube)

It was too bad, but at least the majority of the herd made it, right? Well, it gets even better actually. About 18 seconds after getting buried, the remaining goats emerged to the excitement of those watching.

chamois avalanche Here you can see the once trapped goats beginning to emerge from the snow. (Image source: YouTube)

remaining goats These goats joined the others that had run for cover in the first place. (Image source: YouTube)

Watch the footage:

The goats ran and met up with the rest of the herd, which had kindly waited a safe distance from the falling snow.

The video was actually filmed in April, according to the description, but posted just this week by Roc de la Pêche, a ski resort.

(H/T: NPR)



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