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How Slick Can a Porta Potty Be? Probably Nicer Than You Would Imagine


"...a more enjoyable go..."

The pottties are not your usual, side-by-side single unit structures but are built in trailers. (Image source: Charmin/Facebook)

Fans stepping into a porta potty at the Army-Navy football game this weekend will be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks to the toilet paper maker Charmin and Tailgate for Troops, those tailgating Saturday's game in Philadelphia will be treated with the ultimate porta potty experience, according to KYW-TV.

charmin relief project Charmin Relief Project (Image source: Charmin via KYW-TV)

"Charmin's mission is to surprise and delight people with a more enjoyable go - anytime, anywhere," Laura Dressman, Charmin communications manager at Proctor and Gamble, said in a statement. "We deeply value our service men and women."

"When Tailgate for Troops approached us about the opportunity to participate in the game, we could think of no better way to provide some relief and show our thanks," she added.

charmin relief project The potties are not your usual, side-by-side single unit structures but are built in trailers. (Image source: Charmin/Facebook)

Instead of just telling you what the "Charmin Relief Project" includes, we thought it would be more effective to do a side-by-side comparison with a traditional porta potty.

  • Size: Instead of a cramped, likely nine-square-foot space you can barely turn around in, this delux porta potty will be 64 square feet.

  • Flooring: Instead of a plastic, wet floor strewn with toilet paper and who knows what else, the Charmin porta potty will feature a high-class floor covering that has a hardwood-esq finish.

porta potty Traditional porta potties have notoriously poor conditions. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

  • Hand washing: Instead of the hand sanitizer or the plastic stands outside the stall that you have to use a foot pump to produce water, Charmin's porta potty plays host to a whole vanity complete with running water.

  • Perks: Electric lights, floral arrangements, Charmin products and -- drumroll please -- satellite TV.

charmin relief project (Image source: Charmin/Facebook)

Oh and it comes with attendants who will make sure all elements remain in proper order between uses.

Watch Charmin's promotional video about the tailgating potties:

In addition to tailgating the Army-Navy game, the Charmin Relief Project appeared at NFL games, including ones in Denver, Oakland, New York and Dallas.



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