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Watch the Interactive Map of Real-Time Wind Currents That's 'Utterly Hypnotic


"...the strongest currents are an angry red."

While you can feel the effects of wind as it blows against you, see its impact as it rustles leaves and hear it as it howls during particularly strong storms, you've probably never experienced it as comprehensively as this before.

Image source: Earth Wind Map

Cameron Beccario, a software engineer, created an interactive map that shows near real-time currents of Earth's wind using data from the U.S. National Weather Service.

The Earth Wind Map, launched earlier this month, has been hailed as "utterly hypnotic."

Similar maps for the United States and other areas have been developed before, but this one takes a global look that allows users to zoom in and out to see the currents in stunning detail. You can also click and drag to move around the globe.

earth wind map Image source: Earth Wind Map

earth wind map Image source: Earth Wind Map

"Gentle breezes are thin strands of green, strong winds are long streaks of bright yellow, while the strongest currents are an angry red," the Verge reported.

earth wind map The North Pole (Image source: Earth Wind Map)

earth wind map The South Pole (Image source: Earth Wind Map)

Although the Earth seemed to be experiencing relatively gentle winds globally Wednesday morning, here's a look at stronger winds posted on the project's Facebook page Tuesday.

earth wind map This wind map of Earth was compared to looking like Jupiter. (Image source: Facebook)

Watch this video showing how the map works:

The map's data is updated every three hours.

"'Earth' is a personal project I've used to learn JavaScript and browser programming, and is based on the earlier Tokyo Wind Map project," Beccario wrote on the GitHub site where he posted the source data.

(H/T: Daily Mail)



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