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Homeowner's Security Cam Catches 'the Grinch That Stole Our Christmas' -- but Wait Until You Hear the Clever Way He Hopes to Bring Her to Justice


"I assumed it was a mix up in the delivery until..."

Then this lady pulled up. (Image source: YouTube)

'Tis the season for package delivery and unfortunately, at times, parcel theft.

Last week, the U.S. Postal Service dropped off a parcel mid-morning to a Bothell, Wash., home mid-morning. Another delivery came from a different service in the afternoon.

grinch that stole our christmas First USPS stopped by. (Image source: YouTube)

grinch that stole our christmas Then another package was dropped off just after 1 p.m. (Image source: YouTube)

An hour after this second delivery, a blue vehicle pulled up in front of the Bothell house. A woman got out of the SUV, jogged up to the house, stacked the two packages and took off with them back to her car, depositing them in her passenger's seat.

grinch that stole our christmas Then this lady pulled up… (Image source: YouTube)

grinch that stole our christmas … and took both deliveries. (Image source: YouTube)

"Thank you so much grinch! Up to the next house?" the YouTube user going by therealDandyman wrote in the video. "Hope you get caught and locked up in jail for a long time."

Watch the footage of "the grinch that stole our Christmas":

The homeowner wrote in a comment that he reported the theft to the local police and noted that "she clearly has packages that belong to other people sitting on her passenger seat."

KIRO-TV identified the homeowner as Dandy Weyn. Dec. 18, when the incident happened, was not only a prime-time for package delivery ahead of the Christmas holiday, but it was also Weyn's birthday.

At least one of the packages wasn't a Christmas present or birthday gift. The thief, according to KIRO, made off with about $140 worth of fliers.

Watch KIRO-TV's report:

Weyn went around his neighborhood to tell neighbors and found similar thefts had already occurred.

"I assumed it was a mix up in the delivery until I started hearing that it was happening to other people," neighbor Sandy Madan told KIRO.

Taking matters into his own hands, KIRO reports Weyn is planning a "box out."This involves putting a tracking device in a box that will then trace where a thief is going, should the decoy be stolen.

As of Monday morning, The Seattle Times reported a Tacoma woman was arrested in Bothell after a witness reported seeing her take mail. It is unclear if this alleged theft is connected to the package thefts reported above.

But the currently unidentified 24-year-old woman didn't go into officers' custody easily. She first dragged a deputy and then led him on a chase. After cornering her, the woman rammed a Snohomish County patrol car.

When the deputy attempted to arrest the woman, she resisted again. The deputy used a Taser and pepper spray on the woman, the Times reported of the sheriff department's news release.

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