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The Hilarious Way One Group Is Asking You to Protest Phil Robertson's A&E Suspension From 'Duck Dynasty


"...ducking the halls of A&E."

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Americans continue to react to Phil Robertson's indefinite suspension from A&E's "Duck Dynasty," with petitions and calls for protest. But among the chorus of responses is an organized effort that could end up leaving the cable network drowning in ducks.

Faith2Action, a group devoted to pro-family values, launched MailtheDuck.com, an effort that allows members of the public to send both a postcard and a rubber duck to A&E in protest of Robertson's suspension.

The front of the postcard that will be sent to A&E (Credit: MailTheDuck.com)

"This is really the most significant hopeful thing that has happened since 'Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day," Janet Porter, president of Faith2Action, told TheBlaze on Monday. "We're going to step it up and ruffle some feathers."

Her group's project is encouraging Americans to stand up for religious freedom by "ducking the halls of A&E" -- which means literally allowing people (through Faith2Action) to send the network rubber ducks.

Those frustrated over the Robertson situation are invited to sign the postcards and send rubber ducks with individualized messages to A&E -- free of charge.

In addition to the tagline, "We Cry Fowl -- Reinstate Phil!" the ducks will include individuals' city and state.

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The central goal of the project is to defend religious liberty and free speech, while also seeking to have Robertson reinstated.

Porter said that she already sees companies responding to public outrage over the "Duck Dynasty" star's suspension, citing Cracker Barrel's decision to put products back on shelves after first removing them.

How's the "duck the halls" project going? Porter said she can't keep up with the orders being placed on MailtheDuck.com.

The back of the postcard that will be sent to A&E (Credit: MailTheDuck.com)

"I believe we're going to see A&E get more ducks than I believe anyone's ever sent. This is going to turn the wave of support of religious liberty into a tsunami of religious freedom," she said. "I believe that God is giving us a Christmas gift ... I believe we're going to take back ground for the freedom of religion."

The campaign launched Monday morning after news broke of Robertson's first public comments since the firestorm began last week.


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