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Firefighter Pulls Dying Woman From Horrific Christmas Eve Car Crash – Then His Life Was Changed Forever


A tragic twist of fate...

Screengrab via the Daily Mail

Steve Whitcomb, a New Hampshire firefighter, responded to a horrific Christmas eve car crash on Tuesday, pulling a dying woman from the wreckage. His worst nightmare became a reality as he realized the victim was his own daughter.

Katie Hamilton, a 30-year-old mother of three, died after a crash forced her SUV into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision with her vehicle, according to police. A total of three cars were reportedly involved in the deadly accident.

In a tragic twist of fate, it was Whitcomb who was one of the first responders to the accident that killed his own daughter. He reportedly owns a heating and cooling company and works as a volunteer firefighter in his spare time.

Screengrab via the Daily Mail

Screengrab via the Daily mail

The Daily Mail has more details on the accident:

Greg Cullen, 31, of Milford, New Hampshire first rear-ended Hamilton’s Ford Explorer SUV.

Hamilton had been either stopped or was slowing down to turn left, reports the Nashua Telegraph, when Cullen’s Toyota pickup smashed into her.


That’s when James Ciprotti, 37, of Weare, New Hampshire, smashed into Hamilton head-on in his Ford F-250.

Cullen and Ciprotti were not injured in the accident, though they received medical evaluations. Hamilton was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

Police are investigating the accident, however, speeding or alcohol are not believed to be factors in the crash.

The crash reportedly occurred just a few hundred feet from the family home where she grew up. Whitcomb was still trying to come to terms with the loss of his youngest daughter hours after the crash.

"You grieve and then you try to put it all back together," he told the Nashua Telegraph.


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