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Angry Teen Who Didn't Get What He Wanted for Christmas Takes Spoiled to the Next Level


“The suspect was fighting with everyone in the house..."

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A Brockton, Mass., teen spent the majority of his Christmas in jail after he allegedly pulled out a knife against his father when he didn't get the Christmas gift he wanted -- an iPhone.

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Alexander Torres, 18, was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, and malicious damage to a motor vehicle, according to the Boston Herald. Torres plead not guilty to these charges Thursday, was released and will appear again in court in March.

Brockton Police Lt. Bruce Zeidman said “the suspect was fighting with everyone in the house and he pulled out a knife on his father," after an incident that allegedly began with Torres not getting the phone he wanted, Enterprise News reported.

Although the father was not injured, Enterprise News reported Torres 24-year-old brother was treated for injuries at a local medical center.

The teen was arrested shortly before 2 p.m. Christmas day.




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