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By far the craziest thing anyone has said about Mitt Romney's adopted black grandchild

via Twitter @professorcrunk

via Twitter @professorcrunk

Here's Salon writer Brittney Cooper's take on Kieran Romney, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's adopted black grandchild:

[H]e will most certainly be raised in a family where at least one of his uncles once quipped about punching the president in the face. In other words, he will grow to be a black man not only in a politically conservative family with “interesting” views on race, but also in a family that believes in a religion that openly discriminated against Blacks until the 1970s. ...

In many ways, baby boy Romney will probably have a very good life full of all the privileges that being adjacent to whiteness and money can buy. But his grandfather will still be out in the world supporting policies that make those same kinds of access to good schools and jobs, safety and nice neighborhoods damn near impossible for other black boys Kieran’s age.

The presidential face punch is a reference to Romney's son Tag, who said during the 2012 election that he had wanted to "take a swing" at President Obama while watching one of the presidential debates.

As for the Romney family's history of race relations, this bit from a 2007 article by fact-checker PolitiFact: "[I]t's also clear that George Romney, who served as [Michigan] governor from 1963 to 1969 and died in 1995, supported [Martin Luther] King's goals at a time when few politicians did. ... When King died in 1968, George Romney attended the funeral."

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