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Greta Van Susteren has a jobs plan

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren writes on her blog her solution for chronic unemployment:

Offer to any and every business a one year tax credit (not deduction) of $30,000 (or some other number) IF they take on someone (over the age of 30?) who has been out of work a year or more as an 'intern.’  Every cent of that $50,000 must be passed on to the intern.  It is a one year deal with no benefits to that intern – other than a paycheck of $50k.

In that one year, that intern can hustle, learn a skill that is actually needed, and make himself or herself valuable to the company so that at the end of one year, with hustle and determination, make himself or herself indispensable to that the business owner who will then, at the end of the year, hire that intern as an employee.

That's more like a jobs/hope-the-jobs-stay plan. But, hey. What's the alternative?

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