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Fiery Conservative Dana Loesch Has an Unexpected Hobby That Helps Her Deal With Hateful People


"You can have a good time and kick some butt - they're not mutually exclusive."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Dana Loesch sat down for an interview with TheBlaze ahead of the premiere of her new show "Dana" on TheBlaze TV at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, breaking down what the show will be about, what keeps her motivated, and the unexpected thing she does when she takes a break from current events.

More than anything, Loesch says she just wants to "have fun" with the program, and show people that "politics can be fun."

"It's punk rock conservatism. I want to have fun with it. I want to be 'fist in the air' and have a good time," she said with a smile. "You can have a good time and kick some butt - they're not mutually exclusive."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Loesch explained that one of the reasons she is so passionate about politics and current events is because of how much they have impacted her personal life. Ten years ago, she said, she was a feminist whose entire identity was "liberal first."

"Everything else, from being a Christian, a mother, a daughter, a friend everything else came second," she said.

But that all changed when Loesch became pregnant with her first child -- a boy. She described how she had a "really jolting moment" in labor, when she realized that everything she had been advocating was "absolutely detrimental" to everything she needed to do as a mother.

When Loesch changed her beliefs, she said, a lot of people, from professors to friends to family, turned their back on her.

The newest Blaze TV host said she sees a lot of women where she was ten years ago, and wants to tell them: "don't be scammed."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Loesch is on the receiving end of what seems like a constant barrage of hateful messages and death threats on social media. Though she loves her job and described it as "Disneyland" every day, that has an effect on even the strongest of people.

When asked how she deals with it, Loesch promptly responded that like "any good capitalist," she "monetizes" the hate, reading the messages on-air for money and then donating the proceeds to a conservative issue, making it "work for good."

But when she really needs a break, Loesch admitted, she knits. "It's like mental yoga, I swear..." the fiery personality said with a laugh.

More than anything, Loesch said her faith that keeps her strong in what she does.

"I really believe if you in any fight are on God's side, that's pretty much it," she said. "My faith, my family, my friends - that's where I get my strength."

Looking forward, Loesch said she is confident that TheBlaze is "the future of media."

"It's a triple threat - you have radio, you have television, you have the web and print," she remarked. "So I think more industries, more outlets are going to be following the trail that has been set by this company."

See video from the interview, below:


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