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Remember the Man Who Gushed Over His Wife's Looks After Surgery? They've Turned the Viral Video Into a Unique Opportunity


"We feel this video has been divine intervention..."

After surgery, Jason Mortensen couldn't believe the woman filming him was his wife. (Image source: YouTube)

You might remember the Salt Lake City man who said everything a woman would want to hear when he seemed to forget he was married to the beautiful woman by his bedside filming him while he came to after surgery.

Jason mortensen After surgery, Jason Mortensen couldn't believe the woman filming him was his wife. (Image source: YouTube)

After the video went viral -- it has more than 13 million views after being posted Aug. 30, 2013 -- the couple realized they had a unique opportunity and turned the popularity of the man, who couldn't believe he "hit the jackpot" with his wife, toward a unique cause.

The couple found, like many who have videos garnering millions of YouTube views, that it could actually be a revenue source, helping them financially down the road of adoption after experiencing years of infertility, KSL-TV reported.

Jason Mortensen first gained national attention when he woke up after surgery asking "did a doctor send you?" to his wife who he said was "eye-candy."

“You may be the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen,” he continued. “Are you a model?”

Mortensen was then floored to learn that the woman before him was actually his wife, Candice. So seemingly over-the-top was Mortensen that many at the time thought the performance was faked, especially after they found the man's actor/model profile online.

But TheBlaze reached out to the man who stressed that his reaction was "100 percent real." He even told us he gave his doctor permission to confirm the surgery took place, but TheBlaze's message to the surgical center went unanswered at the time.

For those of who you missed Jason Mortensen's series of flattering one-liners to the woman he forgot was his wife as he came out of anesthesia, watch the video:

On their blog, Jason and Candice Mortensen wrote that the viral video helped fund a large portion of their adoption process.

"We feel this video has been divine intervention to help us adopt. International adoption is expensive and we are still saving up all the money we need," the couple wrote.

jason and candice mortensen After infertility treatments didn't work, the Mortensens decided money that started coming in from their viral video would be put toward their hopes of adopting. (Image source: MortensensAdopt.Wordpress.com)

But it hasn't been an easy road. Just this week the couple learned the children from Uganda they had started to love would not be coming home with them.

"Our hearts our sad tonight. We found out yesterday that we can no longer adopt the two children we have fallen in love with and planned for. Unforseen circumstances came up making the adoption not possible for these children," the Mortensens wrote on their blog.

mortensens The Mortensens have said they're still hopeful even though the children they were hoping to adopt did not work out. (Image source: GoFundMe)

The couple said risks that were not the fault of the agency they were working with arose in the process.

"Even through our grief, we know we can’t give up. We have felt God’s guidance and love. I believe God is watching and has a plan for us. We are moving forward and praying about other orphans that need a family," the couple wrote.

The Mortensens have a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the adoption process in addition to their viral video.



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