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Video: Fans Beat, Kick Man Wearing Opposing Team's Jersey – All While Someone Filmed It


"...arrests were made..."

Three San Diego Chargers fans were arrested Sunday after they attacked and beat a man wearing a Denver Broncos jersey.

The fight took place after the Broncos defeated the Chargers 24-17 in a close second-round AFC playoff game in San Diego.

A nearby witness managed to capture the violent altercation on a cellphone camera.

A Broncos fan can be seen on the ground being punched and kicked by Chargers fans (image source: YouTube)

Police arrested four men in connection with the fight, including the one Broncos fan (image source: screen grab via the Denver Post)

A 39-second video posted to YouTube Sunday “showed people in Chargers gear kicking, punching and stomping a man wearing a Broncos jersey,” the Denver Post reported.

Here’s what is written in the video’s YouTube description box: “A rally in National City, California, to celebrate the Chargers season was interrupted on Sunday after a fight broke out between a lone Broncos fan and three Charger fans.”

The video also show law enforcement officials breaking up the fight. The fan in the Broncos jersey and three Chargers fans were later arrested.

“A dispatcher for the National City Police Department said arrests were made, but did not have additional information,” the Denver Post reported.

Here’s the raw YouTube footage:

And here's a local report on the Chargers rally that Sunday:


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