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Fed-Up Mother Tackles Common Core in Viral Video: 'Parents Have No Voice


"This is not rigorous. This is not college-ready. This is not preparing our children to compete in a global economy."

Arkansas parent Karen Lamoreaux speaks out against Common Core. (Photo: YouTube)

Karen Lamoreaux, an Arkansas parent who appeared in a viral video tackling some of the issues associated with the Common Core, appeared on the Glenn Beck Program Wednesday to discuss the "dumbing down of American kids."

In the viral video, Lamoreaux asked the Arkansas Board of Education a simple question: if there are 18 students in a class, and the class counts itself by a number and ends with 90, what number did they count by?

One of the board members said they counted by fives, explaining that 90 divided by 18 equals 5.

Lamoreaux then raised a sheet showing countless notes and drawings totaling a staggering 108 steps to solve the problem, which she said is the way children in the state are taught to solve the problem under the Common Core standards. More than that, she said if students solve it by simply dividing 90 by 18, they get the question wrong.

"This is not rigorous. This is not college-ready. This is not preparing our children to compete in a global economy," she objected.

Watch the entire video, below (skip to around 1:38 for the comments discussed above):

Lamoreaux told Beck that many teachers she's spoken with are similarly frustrated, but simply say: "This is what we have to teach. This is the Common Core way. This is the Common Core standards."

Other teachers beg parents to get more involved, but say they've been threatened with "insubordination" if they speak out.

One of the primary concerns Lamoreaux has is that no one really seems to be "accountable" for Common Core, so concerned parents have no one they can speak or complain to.

"Parents have no voice. Nobody is accountable for this," she remarked. "If we don't like the math standards, like the one that I illustrated ... as parents and educators, we have absolutely no say in that. And, apparently, nobody can change it."

But little by little, their voices are being heard. Lamoreaux said that while dealing with the state Board of Education is a "waste of time," "the legislature is listening," and there are already several dozen bills "pushing back against Common Core in the United States of America."

Between Obamacare, domestic surveillance, and more, Lamoreaux speculated that parents have simply "had enough, and they're fighting back."

Watch the entire segment, below:

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