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He Ripped Off a Brand-New Flatscreen TV...and Made His Getaway on a Skateboard


"He gets an A for creativity."

Image source: LiveLeak

Police said the thief made his getaway from the Super Target by "zipping" down a major roadway in Clearwater, Fla.

Not an unusual action for a crook who just stole a flatscreen TV and attracted authorities in hot pursuit — except this guy didn't peel away in a muscle car and a cloud of dust.

This guy was on a skateboard.

Image source: LiveLeak

"He gets an A for creativity," detective John Brown told the Tampa Bay Times. "But he committed a serious crime and we need to find him."

Here's what went down during the three-minute heist Wednesday night:

A tall, thin white male in his 20s, donning a black hooded sweatshirt and carrying a skateboard, walked into the store about 11 p.m., just as it was closing.

He headed for the electronics section, grabbed a 32-inch Element LCD flatscreen television, and hopped on his skateboard, riding through part of the store with the TV in his hands.

Image source: LiveLeak

A store worker confronted him near an exit, but the suspect showed her a utility knife and ran out the door toward the street.

Image source: LiveLeak

Police noted he's also described as about 5 feet 11 inches tall and 150 pounds and last seen wearing dark jeans, green Nike sneakers, and a black backpack

The Times noted that the "make, model, and year of the skateboard aren't known," but police did say it was brown with orange-yellow wheels.

They've released a video of the incident in hopes of tracking down the suspect:

Here's the full surveillance clip via LiveLeak:

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