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This Is an Actual Post From ABC: 50 Ways 'To Honor' Michelle Obama on her 50th Birthday


Do some pushups.

Friday is First Lady Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday.

And although the official White House celebration isn't until Saturday, some media outlets are simply beside themselves with excitement for Mrs. Obama’s big day.

Case in point: In a blog post published Friday, ABC News listed 50 things you can do "to honor" Michelle Obama on her birthday.


“If your invite to Saturday’s dance party in Washington went missing, here are 50 other ways to honor the first lady on her big day — by doing some of her favorite things, from wearing stylish dresses to eating your veggies to doing the Dougie, preferably with Jimmy Fallon,” the news outlet adds.

What are some of the things you can do to honor Mrs. Obama?

Well, you could “hang out with your friend, Oprah,” “cook up a storm on ‘Good Morning America,’” “take a jog on the White House lawn,” “challenge Desmond Tutu to a pushup contest,” “do push ups to show up Ellen DeGeneres,” “make your husband stop smoking” or “travel the world on Air Force One.”

And it goes on and on like that:

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