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It's a Mystery: Unusual Item Found in Dog's Collar



(Image source: Greenville County Pet Rescue/Facebook)

A dog now named Soldier sits at the Greenville County Pet Rescue in South Carolina. Though wearing a collar, Soldier didn't have tags. He did, however, have an old photo.

The photo tucked into the dog's collar is black and white and wrinkled. It appears to show a man in an old-fashioned jump suit, the kind mechanics or military pilots might where. Fans of the shelter's Facebook page have taken to speculating about the contents of the photo.

soldier photo in collar This photo was found tucked inside this dog's collar. (Image source: Greenville County Pet Rescue/Facebook)

Some say it appears the man is holding a knife, while others say it might be a wrinkle or shadow on his jump suit. Some say it looks like he's holding an animal, while others counter that he's actually leaning along a fence with the part some think is the body of an animal really being the man's leg propped on the railing.

At this point, WFSB-TV reported that no further information has come out about the man in the photo since it was posted on the rescue's Facebook page Saturday. The Greenville County Pet Rescue is now focused on finding the dog's owner or a good home for the 2-year-old pit bull mix.

The organization said the dog, which was brought in as a stray, is of a healthy weight and friendly with people.

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