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This Could Be the Last Thing You'd Expect a Group of Criminals to Repeatedly Tell Each Other During a Robbery


"The three men were wearing blue, checkered and black hoodies."


"I love you."


Those aren't the words you may expect to hear repeatedly during an early morning jewelry heist.

Nonetheless, a trio of burglars were caught on surveillance video earlier this week breaking into a jewelry store in Broomfield, Colo., using a sledgehammer. The three men proceeded to break jewelry cases calmly while repeatedly telling each other: "I love you, brother."

Tim Nichols, the president of the store, said it was "maddening and disturbing" to watch the criminals express their love for one another while stealing products from his business.

"They're loving each other and calling each other brother the whole time. Why you're invading someone else's space and talking about how much love you have for each other is kind of disturbing," he told KUSA-TV.

The burglars managed to steal more than 30 pieces of jewelry in about a minute. The crooks reportedly took off in a white 4-door vehicle.

"The three men were wearing blue, checkered and black hoodies. One of the suspects was wearing a grey hat with a large "303" on it. If you have any information call Broomfield Police: (303) 438-6400," KUSA-TV reports.

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