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Junk mail: mentalist wants to meet with Bieber

Credit: Dan Steinberg/AP

A look at the garbage that, for one reason or another, lands at our doorstep...

Following news that Miami police arrested singer Justin Bieber on Thursday for allegedly driving under the influence, an open letter to Bieber from The Amazing Kreskin, mentalist of 1970s fame, appeared in our email.

The letter in full:

Credit: Dan Steinberg/AP

I am concerned about the future of talented people in the entertainment world, sports and the political world (if there is any such talent.) Most of the problems we have in life we create ourselves. Months ago I publicly predicted the scenario you are going through at the present time. Now let me make a serious, possibly life changing offer to you.

I am willing to meet with you for 15 minutes privately without friends and family. I will reveal how long your career/life will last if you continue your current lifestyle. Thereafter, I will disclose a MAJOR change that you MUST make in order for any kind of rehab or therapy to succeed.

Without it, you are wasting your time!

With thoughts for a brighter future



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