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He Didn't Have a Cellphone. He Couldn't Walk. So He Did the One Thing He Could After His Snowmobile Crashed: He Crawled...for a Very Long Time


"It was a bad situation..."

Brown's snowmobile after the accident. (Image source: via ABC News)

Six hours.

That's how long it took for a 57-year-old man to crawl 2.5 miles for help last week in Maine's freezing temperatures. Why? He snapped his leg during a snowmobiling accident.

Nicholas Brown from Mexico, Maine, told the River Valley Sun Journal he lost control of his snowmobile on a patch of ice around 9 p.m. Thursday.

maine snowmobile Brown's snowmobile after the accident. (Image source: via ABC News)

"I lost control going around a corner and the sled went kind of broadside, and it was sliding sideways down the trail and I put my feet down thinking that (the sled) was going to flip over," Brown told the newspaper.

But Brown over corrected.

"I felt my leg get pulled under the sled, and then it snapped and I came off the right side and the sled went off the trail into some alders," Brown continued.

After realizing he couldn't walk, the Sun Journal reported that Brown sat for 10 to 15 minutes thinking. He didn't have his cellphone to call for help, so he started to crawl.

Brown told ABC News crawling on the trail was easy. It was the road that really hurt.

“The snowmobile trail was a piece of cake,” Brown told ABC News. ”The road was all dirt and rock salt. The only way I could do it was on my knees and knuckles. It was real hard on my arms."

By 3:30 a.m., Brown reached his friend's house where an ambulance was called to help.

"It was a bad situation, but it could have been worse with the cold," Brown told the newspaper.

Maine Warden Service Cpl. John MacDonald said he does not believe alcohol was a factor in the crash, the Sun Journal reported.

Just a few weeks ago, the Maine Warden Service issued this PSA for snowmobiling safety:

The Bangor Daily News recently reported that during snowmobiling season in 2013 there were 186 snowmobile crashes within the state, 119 of which resulted in injuries.

(H/T: Bangor Daily News)

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