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'Resistance Fighter': Hezbollah’s Latest Recruit Is Still in Diapers


"Military fatigues were the first garment to touch his tender body."

Screenshot: Al-Manar TV via MEMRI

The latest recruit for the militant group Hezbollah appeared before the world dressed in military fatigues. He was also, presumably, wearing a diaper.

Hezbollah’s television station last week showed off a baby boy only hours old, born to proud parents who dressed him in a Hezbollah uniform and beret for the joyous occasion.

Image source: Al-Manar TV via MEMRI

Image source: Al-Manar TV via MEMRI

“[The baby] Mahdi welcomed us in his own special way. He did not wear the clothes usually reserved for newborn babies. Military fatigues were the first garment to touch his tender body. He is a potential resistance fighter from the first hours of his life,” said the reporter for Al-Manar TV.

“Nothing could be better than him becoming a soldier of Imam Mahdi. This reflects the continuation of the path of the Islamic resistance, one generation after another,” his mother said.

The mother said "nothing could be better" than her son becoming a soldier. (Image source: Al-Manar TV via MEMRI)

The boy’s name Mahdi is often translated in English as “the guided one” whose arrival, according to Islamic theology, signals the beginning of the end of times.

The Hezbollah television reporter said that Mahdi’s family was exempted from all hospital bills and that their baby was given a gold necklace inscribed with the name of the prophet Mohammad.

The segment, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), can be seen here:

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