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This Car Is About to Run Over a Woman and Her Five-Year-Old Grandson -- What Happens Next Is a Miracle


"I've never seen an accident (like) this."

Image source: LiveLeak via YouTube

Incredible surveillance video from Brazil appears to show a car running over a grandmother and her five-year-old grandson, but not only does the pair survive the horrific accident, the boy pops right up after the car runs over him...twice.

Image source: LiveLeak via YouTube

Image source: LiveLeak via YouTube

Image source: LiveLeak via YouTube

Image source: LiveLeak via YouTube

The 56-year-old grandmother, Vilma Theodoro do Nascimento, whose legs were run over, told Brazilian TV station Jornal Nacional that "I thought I was going to die at that moment."

But while she's on the ground motionless after the car ran over them, the clip shows her grandson Juao Pedro Nascimento getting right up and attending to his grandmother:

Image source: LiveLeak via YouTube

Image source: LiveLeak via YouTube

Given the severe weight of your average automobile, the force of a car tire rolling over a human body typically causes severe damage, so we were a bit skeptical about the outcome of this terrifying clip.

But reports from Jornal Nacional and another Brazilian TV stations Anhanguera show grandson and grandmother after the accident, both home from the hospital. The JN report features Joao with some nasty marks on his face, presumably as a result of the accident...

Joao Pedro Nascimento (Image source: Jornal Nacional)

...but he has no difficulty using his bruised jaw to tell reporters what happened.

"I thought my grandmother had broken (her) spine and a few more things," he told JN.

TheBlaze used Google Translate to obtain data, written in Portuguese, from both news reports.

Even CNN was amazed:

The grandmother, Vilma, told Anhanguera she saw the car run over her grandson and that "blood was flowing from the mouth, ears and nose" and that she "thought his skull had been crushed."

Elias Ferreira witnessed Tuesday's accident in Anapolis, a town about 850 miles west of Rio de Janeio, and told JN: "I've never seen an accident (like) this. It was a miracle that happened."

The two were taken to a hospital and underwent tests; JN reported that Joao received a medical discharge the same evening and that Vilma, who was released Wednesday, suffered injuries to the feet and legs and a superficial cut on her head.

Vilma, left foot bandaged, sits next to her grandson, Joao. (Image source: Jornal Nacional)

Vilma said Joao is already playing with friends. "It's a party here," she told JN. "Many people came to visit and celebrate our return."

"It was a miracle," Vilma added to JN. "I'm sure that God's hand picked and saved us."

Here's the full surveillance video from LiveLeak:

Of course there is always the possibility this is some elaborate fake (the footage does look a little odd), but so far all indications are that it's real. And a miracle.

(H/T: Hypervocal)

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