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Chris Christie pours heart and soul out to young, innocent child

AP Photo/Mel Evans

AP Photo/Mel Evans

New Jersey Gov. Chris Chrsitie stopped at a local elementary school on Thursday to promote an after-school dinner program and while he ignored the pack of wolves press following him, he took time to answer questions from kids. One of them, without irony, asked Christie, "How do you keep everything under control?"

His answer via ABC News:

He answered with a laugh, “Not so well sometimes, it depends on the day, man, it depends on the day.”

“This is what you have to learn in life, you can try and control everything, but you can’t,” Christie said, the closest he came to addressing the [George Washington Bridge lane closings] controversy Thursday. “So sometimes things get out of control and what matters is how you fix them when it gets out of control…every once in a while it doesn’t work out and you got to make sure you go ahead and fix it when it doesn’t work out.”

Christie, according to ABC News, also told the children his favorite movie is "The Godfather," which he said is full of "life lessons."


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