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Is This Something a Congressional Candidate Really Should Be 'Liking' on Facebook?


"As your voice in Washington, I'll work to make government accountable to you."

Image source: Facebook via The Weekly Standard

Erin Bilbray is a Democratic candidate for Nevada's Third District in U.S. Congress.

And while now's the time for political office seekers to let voters and constituents know what they stand for, especially using social media to get their messages across, Bilbray is coming under fire for apparently doing just that.

As noted by The Weekly Standard, Bilbray looks to have "liked" the following map on Facebook. (Content warning: Some of the words appearing on the cartoon may be offensive to some readers):

Image source: Facebook via The Weekly Standard

The map employs the N-word and, upon closer view, terms such as "Ching-Chong Ching" to refer, presumably, to Asians.

Here's her like, as noted by The Weekly Standard:

Image source: Facebook via The Weekly Standard

One person commented: "Shame on you, ma'am! Shame on you! How dare you support such division in our country! Does it make you feel good to reinforce (sic) such offensively stereotypical ideas? Is that the message you're going to spread in Congress? That all conservatives across the isle are ignorant, hate-filled racists?? We need unity and understanding, not the trash you're 'liking'. Shame on you!" The Examiner reported.

"How can you like a photo with racial slurs on it and alienate half the country by saying you agree that they think that way. How will you ever serve the people and make them come together when you support division," another person commented, as noted by The Examiner.

Erin Bilbray (Image source: Twitter)

"Southern Nevada deserves a representative who will always put people ahead of politics," Bilbray notes on her website. "As your voice in Washington, I'll work to make government accountable to you."

Bilbray, who's running against Republican Joe Heck, has made some news recently:

  • Her campaign manager quit several days ago, saying he didn’t want to run a federal campaign, according to the Las Vegas Journal Review. Bradley Mayer will stay on as an informal adviser for Bilbray’s campaign, according to Mayer and Bilbray.
  • The National Republican Congressional Committee noted Bilbray's "3 Disastrous Moments" from an interview she gave on Nevada TV last October, after which the NRCC concluded "she is NOT ready for prime-time and will say and do anything to get elected."

TheBlaze contacted Bilbray for comment regarding her apparent Facebook "like"  but her campaign did not immediately respond. We will update this story if she does.

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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