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Piers Morgan, Fox News reporter cut each other down during Grammys

Piers Morgan (Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for VF)

For fans of The Beatles, Thursday night's Grammy Awards was a special occasion. For CNN's Piers Morgan and Fox News reporter James Rosen, it was a reason to put each other down in deeply personal, nasty ways.

Credit: CNN, Fox News

The two surviving members of the British group, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, gave a rare performance at the ceremony, prompting Rosen to tweet out a photo of the two singers together. "Really," Rosen's tweet said, "could those of us who worship The Beatles have expected this much -- this great photo -- in 2014?"

During the performance, Morgan revealed that he wasn't enjoying it. "If this was a Karaoke bar," he tweeted, "Ringo would be bottled off by now."

Clearly sensing an attack on his musical taste, Rosen replied, "Remind me who Piers Morgan is again?"

Morgan, who loves a good game of insults, shot back, "Sure, I sing better than Ringo."

Then it got personal.

"Even Ringo's worst recording," Rosen tweeted at Morgan, "will endure long beyond the placebo effect that was your career. Or is that too kind to you?" The comment got 424 retweets and was favorited (the Twitter equivalent of "liking" something on Facebook) 357 times.

Morgan followed up with a couple more tweets, first by noting that he has nearly four million followers more than both Ringo Starr and Rosen each. Then, when one of Morgan's followers asked who Rosen is, Morgan said he's "someone who works at a much lower level for News Corp than I did." Morgan was the editor of several News Corp.-owned British tabloids in the 1990s and 2000s. News Corp was, until recently, also the parent company of Fox News.

Rosen finished the argument: "My work here is done."

A representative for Morgan declined to elaborate to TheBlaze Blog on this unresolved feud. We've also requested comment from Rosen.

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